INCAPs Complete History


Going back to our origins, Dr. Epaminondas Quintana wrote in his book "History of the generation of 1920" a fragment about the creation of INCAP which reads as follows:
"We must also claim credit for the Foundation and residence in Guatemala of the Institute of nutrition of Central America and Panama (INCAP)." It was during the Government of Dr. Juan José Arévalo, in whose Cabinet Dr. Julio Bianchi  was head of the Ministry of public health,. We were - from 1958, officials from the General Directorate of public health.
It should be recalled that the idea of a Nutrition Institute was conceived by Dr. Robert Harris of Harvard University, who had done research on food nutrition in Mexico in 1943-1945 and extending his research he came here with the same purpose. Harris asked himself  this question: why, with such an inadequate diet, these races have survived centuries? We must investigate! With this purpose he obtained financial support from the Kellogg Foundation of Michigan, United States. Thus assured, the board proceeded as planned.


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icon INCAPs First Decade (5.41 MB)


icon Investigation of the Nutrition Problems of Central America and Panamá (106.7 kB)


icon Early INCAP Longitudinal Nutrition Studies at the Community level (351.1 kB)


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