External cooperation, national and regional on food, nutrition and its determinants:
Program focused on increasing the coverage of services and technical-scientific products offered by the Institute. Responsible for the transfer of knowledge and the development of nutrition has been, is and will be the focus of institutional action. Technical cooperation will focus as a priority in addressing the determinants of nutrition and not only the attention of malnutrition (malnutrition, excesses and imbalances). 

Institutional development of INCAP:
It is the program responsible for leading, articulating and controlling organizational development in order to achieve compliance with the substantive functions of the Institute. Its action lines are focused in:

  1. Institutional strategic development
  2. Institutional and operational capability development

Management of knowledge in nutrition and its determinants:
Program oriented to knowledge management, focusing on problems of significant scale and significance, procrastinated geographical areas and most vulnerable groups in the region, this program has as tracer actions of research, dissemination of information and training in all modalities. Se contempla el ordenamiento de actividades de gestión del conocimiento en tres líneas de acción:

  1. Generation of Evidence
  2. Strengthening of human resources in nutrition and its determinants.
  3. Chronic diseases related to nutrition
  4. Strengthening in nutrition, including micronutrients and food safety.


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