Our Partners


Partners are entities with which the Institute maintains a working relationship, in order to meet the needs for technical cooperation in member countries, food and nutrition:
  1. United Nations Organizations (PAHO/WHO, UNICEF, WFP, FAO)
  2. Agencies of the Inter American System  (OAS, IICA)
  3. Secretariats and Institutions of the System of Central American Integration (SG-SICA, CC-SICA, CAC, CCAD, CECC, COMMCA, CRRH, CEPREDENAC, FEMICA, FOCARD APS)
  4. USAID
  5. Center for Disease Control –CDC–
  6. Family Health International –FHI 360–
  7. University Research Corporation –URC–
  8. Save the Children
  9. RAND Corporation
  10. European Union
  11. Universities: Johns Hopkins, Harvard, Michigan.

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