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Definition of Food and Nutritional Security:
"The state in which all people enjoy, in an opportune and permanent manner, access to the food that they need, in the quantity and quality necessary for their adequate consumption and biological utilization, guaranteeing them a wellbeing that contributes to their human development".

The Health Sector of the Central America  Region defined the Food and Nutrition Security in a broad sense, taking into consideration the nutritional food chain. In its definition is considered the environment, water resources, agri-food production system, access and household economy, the survival strategies of the most vulnerable population, food consumption, its biological utilization and the achievement of nutritional adequacy, a prerequisite for a comprehensive and sustainable human development.

Food and Nutrition  Security/Insecurity

The basic pillars of Food and Nutrition Security are the availability, accessibility, acceptability and consumption and biological utilization of food. Food, of adequate quality, should be available in sufficient amounts to 100 percent of the population. For certain groups, however, the condition of food insecurity is determined by the unavailability of adequate food quality. In other populations these foods may be available, but not everyone has access to them due to financial constraints, distribution and others. Besides the availability and accessibility there are  cultural, social, educational and biological factors that affect  acceptability, consumption and biological utilization of food.

Considering the close relationship of dependency between the links of this nutritional food chain, from the availability, accessibility, acceptability and consumption to the biological utilization of food, it can be concluded that they are all necessary but not sufficient alone to ensure the nutritional adequacy of individuals.

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