Nutrition and Micronutrient


The Technical Unit of Nutrition and Micronutrients at INCAP has the following objectives:

• To strengthen the technical capacities of the country members in the themes of nutrition and micronutrients, with a focus on food and nutrition security determinants, to contribute to resolve the nutrition problems in the region and to support the role of the Health Ministries of Central America and Dominican Republic.

• To promote activities related to research, human resources development, information and communication, community food education, technical assistance, transference of appropriate technologies.

• To promote the development of alliances and agreements at inter-sectoral level which allow the mobilization of funds and non-fund resources to achieve the goals of this Technical Unit.

• To respond to cooperation and technical assistance needs of the country members.


a. Development of inter-sectoral and multidisciplinary alliances, including the institutions and the Secretariats of the Central America Integration System (SICA) b. Information activities to present results c. Activities of training and transference of knowledge. d. Strengthening the institutional capacities a national and local level e. Efficient Coordination with other INCAP Units and also with external institutional key partners to develop the Unit working plan.

Principal Ongoing Activities

• Development of partnerships and networks with public and private institutions in the sectors of health, agriculture, education, social and local development organizations promoting nutrition and food security. • Implementation of National Plans to reduce chronic child malnutrition in the country members, as an approach to reduce poverty and the achievement of the millennial developmental goals (MDG).

• Supporting the implementation of National Plans for preventing and controlling the micronutrient deficiencies through the voluntary fortification of foods.

• Supporting the strengthening of prevention and control programs of micronutrient deficiencies.

• Supporting the strengthening of prevention and control programs of micronutrient deficiencies through the regional network of micronutrient laboratories.

• Supporting the country members to improve the nutrition through the development of nutrition labeling guides.

Projects currently in progress

Surveillance System for the malnutrition (A prototype of a subsystem for Guatemala).  Within a consortium of institutions such as the Center for Disease Control (CDC, Atlanta, USA), University Research Corporation (UCR/Guatemala), and with the financial support of USAID, INCAP is carrying out a survey in the Western Highlands of Guatemala.  This project began during the second semester of 2011.  Currently, the  data analysis and report writing is near the end.

Project: Promotion of food and nutrition security in rural value chains in Western Highlands of Guatemala (Pilot Project).  This project is being carried out in 30 Associations of green vegetables and coffee producers in consortium with the Guatemalan Association of Exporters (AGEXPORT) and Vital Voices.  This project in its pilot phase is funded by USAID and is being carried out from August 2011 thru August 2012.

ManiPlus (Development of a ready to use therapeutic food supplement).  This project is being carried out in consortium with FUNCAFE (a Foundation of the Guatemalan Association of Coffee producers), Shalom Foundation International and Vandebilt Universtiy (USA). This project is based on INCAP facilities and is being funded by the consortium. It began activities on the first semester of 2012. (read more hiperlink).

Projets to be implemented in 2012

US Feed the Future Initiative: Rural Value Chains.  In consortium with the Guatemalan Association of Exporters (AGEXPORT), Vital Voices, Save the Children and other partners, INCAP will implement a project to promote food and nutrition security in rural value chains in the Western Highlands of Guatemala.  This initiative is funded by USAID and will be implemented from 2012-2017.

FANTA III: In consortium with FHI360 (USA) and with USAID funds, INCAP will implement innovative approaches to link nutrition, agriculture and health vulnerable communities in the Western Highlands of Guatemala. This will take place from 2012 thru 2017.


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