About the Site


This site offers conceptual and methodological information (Tools) related to minimum processes required to implement and monitor a Food and Nutrition Surveillance System, operating under national Food and Nutrition Security Policies governing countries of the region.

Here you will find information regarding to:

1. Methodological tools for the design and implementation of a Food and Nutrition Surveillance System (VAN, by its acronym in Spanish).
2. Resources description and necessary conditions for implementation and operationalization of a VAN system, based in available information.
3. Technical information for successful implementation of tools used to obtain status information and Food and Nutrition indicators.
4. Basic, feasible and useful indicators for Food and Nutrition Surveillance.

Within this portal you will find a document integrating essential elements that will serve as a guide for civil servants and technicians interested in strengthening or implementing a VAN system; it integrates both methodological information, and a referential framework based on information and conceptual experience based on FNS policy for the monitoring and evaluation of the system.  It also outlines the main tools used to make functional and keep updated information on the processes from the elementary basis of its gathering to its integration within the system.




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